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Introduction of the project

The Pakistan Elections Information Hub aims to serve as a one-stop source for the elections related information and statistics of the country. It is being run by Punjab Lok Sujag, a not-for-profit organization with the aim to strengthen democracy.

Sujag believes that easy access to information can help improve quality of political decisions that involve various stakeholder, besides facilitating the mainstream media in coverage of electoral/political issues in more objective manner.

The project has produced info-based instruments targeted at different users/stakeholders. It includes publications in English and Urdu.

The Pakistan Election Compendium is a three volume set that offers facts, summaries of results and detailed results of nine elections held in the country since 1970. The set covers all five houses that is the National Assembly and the legislatures of the four provinces. All the information contained in these is available in searchable formats on this website.

District Profiles is another set of publications. This is in Urdu and addresses the information needs of a local political worker/concerned citizen in two major sections. One section provides the district specific development related information and the other focuses on constituency wise politics of that district. This information is also available on this website in the form of slide shows.

The website is an ongoing venture and we plan to keep on adding new features besides updating it frequently.

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  • Marking system for balloting was first used in 1970.
  • 19 members were elected unopposed to NA in 1977.
  • General Zia introduced separate electorate system.
  • Judicial officers performed election duties in 1988.
  • Reserved seats for women expired by 1990.
  • Banners and hoarding were banned in 1993.
  • Jamaat Islami boycotted 1997 elections.
  • Voters age limit was lowered to 18 years in 2002.
  • Voter lists were updated on Courts orders in 2008.

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